Dec 2, 2015

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Releasing of Fears Meditation


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Today I want to share a common meditation exercise within my own personal path. Though I find harmony through druidry, I largely practice green magick and identify myself as a green witch. This meditation deals with fears and how to confront them so that you can release them. The releasing fears meditation provides a powerful method to throw off the restraints that prevent us from moving forward with our lives or that perhaps stunt our spiritual growth.

I have provided some notes to go along with this meditation. Keep them in mind as you follow my instructions. With this exercise, you are opening the lines of communication between yourself and the Dark Aspects of the Divine where you will face the fears and anxieties that have plagued you throughout your life.

To begin, you need a purple (or black) votive candle with frankincense or sandalwood incense to help in opening up your mind.

My first step in this ritual is taking a warm bath with only candles for lighting. To relax, I use rosemary, basil, thyme and valerian in a muslim cloth pouch. Following this step isn’t necessary, but it helps in keeping a calm and focused mind.

Next, you will require a safe place where you know you won’t be bothered. Turn the lights off.

Light your candle along with your incense.

Gaze directly into the flame while sitting and facing the North.

Visualize the candle as light that shines in the Land of the Shadows. This light is the lamp that lights your path.

Take your time while entering the meditative state. Once you have arrived, you’re ready to identify your fears and rid yourself of them.

At this stage, imagine yourself in the safest atmosphere possible. For me, I imagine a special location in the woods of where I grew up, a place I always felt safe and out of harm’s way.

In this safe place, take note of every minute detail. Bring the land and scenery to life.  Feel it, taste it, really see it. Try to incorporate all five senses in the land of safety. Once you have mentally fixed yourself to this scene, I want you to focus on this question:

“What do I fear?”

You may find images trying to break your concentration. Negative energy attempting to raise your anxiety. They will come and go, but for each image ask yourself the same question:

“Why do I fear this?”

Listen for the answer. It will come. You will be safe despite your fears dancing around you. Next, you must ask:

“What are these fears?”

Again, listen to the answers that come to you. Once your fears are exposed, they no longer have power over you. These fears have lost all hold and they will become known to you. Once you have identified each fear, banish them with:


These images will fade and you may feel a wave of elation and giddiness. This is fear letting you know that it is only a game. You have taken the game too seriously and allowed weakness to settle within you. Your scene will become vivid again, signaling that this safe place is yours and no fear will be allowed here. Breathe in deeply and exhale all your tension away. Continue to breathe deeply, inhaling all the goodness in the world, exhaling the darkness.

You are back in your place of meditation. Your safe place awaits your return whenever you need it.

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