Dec 1, 2015

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What is Veelox Like Today?

A few months ago I decided to revisit Veelox. The exp

The Veelox Sigil (Photocredit: Parachan)

The Veelox Sigil (Photocredit: Parachan)

eriment ended due to the complications I mentioned in my previous post about Veelox and as months went by, others continued traveling there only to update their logs that the plane had been lost. These people also laid claim that demons haunted Veelox and that it was entirely unsafe to visit. I didn’t doubt that Veelox might have been an unwise place to visit so soon after all the trouble began, but I found the idea of demons ruling Veelox to be fantastical at best.

So I waited and kept myself abreast of the situation until all thought and concern for Veelox left the vestiges of the internet. With no one paying any attention to Veelox or trying to travel there, I wanted to try and experience it once more. To give you a clear idea of what I experienced, I’ve transcribed my notes after returning, rather than just retelling it from memory.

“I drew the Veelox sigil on both hands, palms and back. For extra clarity, I drew it over the pineal gland. I will meditate in darkness for an hour before traveling. If the warnings are serious, I will need time to steel myself. I shall return to finish this account.

“Two hours passed during my astral projection. I am hungry, but I will eat after writing this down. Previous travelers post-Veelox are only half correct. With the waning energy of projectors, Veelox no longer looks bright and beautiful. By comparison, it is desolate and unkempt. The influence of negativity and fear has bred entities that seek out projectors to return with. They are minor and weak, but they are many. The meeting grounds at the castle carries the majority of these entities where they mill about the rooms. I noticed that they spend most of their time in the greatest concentration of energy, where groups of projectors stood or favored. It seems that they are looking for residual energy to gather around.

“I could not sense any great malevolence or dire energy that left me cold or concerned for my well-being. Veelox is devoid of any real danger for experienced projectors. Given the guides provided for entering Veelox, however, those curious about the plane would have a hard time dealing with the entities now inhabiting it.”

My return to Veelox revealed nothing profound or mystifying. The land is now a haunt for the terrors bred from sleep paralysis. The inhabitants just remnants from bad dreams and bad advice. I would caution against beginners traveling there because those inhabitants may find a way to come back home with you. In such a case, persisting dreams of being followed or held down will occur. Worse if you feed the entity. Every projector should learn to be well-grounded and keep their intention of returning safely in mind as they travel.

As a note of my own curiosity, I discovered a new plan for a similar astral experiment. I wouldn’t recommend participating as I had, but if you’re anything like me, then it may be a hard experience to pass up. Just note, if anyone recommends inducing sleep paralysis, remember my story and don’t fall for misguided advice.

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