Nov 29, 2015

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What Happened to Veelox?

The Veelox Sigil (Photocredit: Parachan)

The Veelox Sigil (Photocredit: Parachan)

Continuing from yesterday’s post on Veelox, I want to talk about what exactly happened there. The theories found across the internet range from lurking demons invading the plane to hell bent miscreants raising an army of monsters to overtake Veelox. As with anything, truth is interspersed with misunderstanding. From my experience in astral projection, something I have been practicing since I was a teenager, is that group projections hardly end well. You won’t find many groups that participate in projecting to the same location. The amount of energy collected for that kind of test varies in intention, emotion and stability. It becomes an overload of energy frequencies that destabilizes the plane everyone is trying to reach.

Combine the difficulty of creating a meeting place for beginners and long-time travelers with a wide array of spiritual energy and you have the perfect storm. What I saw in my time at Veelox made me rethink the validity of the experiment.

Over time, the collection of those who reached the castle became complacent with their journey. It turned into a hangout for people rather than what had been advertised. Still, the projectors found excitement in molding their power and control over everything by changing the scenery or making weapons. Eventually this control bled over to the worries of demons and rumors of extra-planar entities residing within the island. With all the belief in the world, their energy manifested these terrors. This led to the first murmurs that Veelox was not a safe place for everyone looking to journey there.

After the group reestablished their confidence, they found that hunting creatures and going on crusades to fight an enemy suited them. Veelox became a video game to these projectors. Now Veelox was the cool place to go and the experiment grew in popularity. I’ll point out why this is what really ended Veelox.

Looking at the instructions to enter Veelox, we see a common thread in most astral projection “guides.” The guide encourages you to enter into sleep paralysis. Already this brings a thoughtform to the mind. What is the scientific definition of sleep paralysis? It is a stage beyond REM sleep where the brain is active, yet the body is still sleeping. When people talk about sleep paralysis, they’re talking about a state where the brain is ready to move on from sleep, but can’t because the body is non-responsive. This causes the brain to experience anxiety with no way to relieve itself. All of this results in the common cases you hear about people feeling like a demon is stealing their breath or trying to suffocate them. You hear how people have shadows standing around their bed, they hear voices or they’re attacked by strange animals with no way to defend themselves. A lot of these people experience death in sleep paralysis and this “death” is what releases them from the sleep state.

Whether you research sleep studies or you just hear the stories related to sleep paralysis, hearing these instructions alerts your subconscious. As you go to sleep, thinking you’ll wake up in Veelox and that sleep paralysis is a normal thing to induce into yourself for the journey, your subconscious already knows what to be on the lookout for.

This influx of popularity and gathering of beginner projectors resulted in a massive energy storm of anxiety. Veelox suffered from scared projectors arriving and bringing their luggage with them. The night terrors they went through during sleep paralysis were brought into the plane, and they were not as easy to push back as ill-conceived monsters.

Veelox became a festering wound of terror brought on by beginners who received poor advice on astral projection.

Tomorrow I’ll wrap this story up with what I discovered when I went back to Veelox after everyone decided to abandon it.

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