Nov 28, 2015

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What is Veelox?

The Veelox Sigil (Photocredit: Parachan)

The Veelox Sigil (Photocredit: Parachan)

Years ago I participated in a popular social experiment. This experiment tried to prove the validity of astral projection by creating a place where others could meet at. It went by the name Veelox. I try to approach everything with a sense of wonder and acceptance so even though this idea came from a less than reputable source, I thought I would do my best to, at that moment, believe with all my power that this experiment would be a great experience.

I want to share what happened when I put myself to the challenge of journeying to Veelox.

First, I should explain the astral place to you. Veelox is claimed to be about the size of Australia, brimming with forests, beautiful mountains, gorgeous seas and is entirely surrounded by fog. In the center of this island is a castle. The castle is the designated meeting area for the travelers, but first everyone has to get there. Within the castle is a key with your personal name on it that will open up your own room. The idea had been to take four weeks to arrive at the castle and to do daily updates on your experiences so that others could say if they saw you or if they were the people you spoke to on your journey.

The first trip to Veelox didn’t reveal much, other than it looked exactly as it had been described. For me, it felt like a wild land bristling with electric energy. I never knew what to expect as this plane shares the energy of others. Veelox is not exactly a safe place for beginners who have not yet perfected their grounding or maintaining their self when projecting. You always have those scarce few who enjoy harming others. Luckily, I did not encounter any such individuals.

I did, however, encounter a few people that I have become good friends with once we found each other after updating our logs. Primarily, Veelox had an influx of beginners and those who abuse the skill of astral projection. If I had to describe it bluntly, it felt like a few rare cases of earnest seekers getting thrown into a public gathering of deceivers and false bravado. A large population believed creating weapons and armor were the best part of meeting with others. They believed the astral plane is solely your playground for manipulating power and extending your control.

My first few weeks spent in Veelox weren’t remarkable. The journey to the castle left me in awe of the beauty the landscape provided, but as with most things in life, the people ruined the experience. The rare ones who wanted to travel to a shared plane were the highlights. You form very tight bonds with people you meet out of body and that, for me, was worth the price of admission.

What I really want to share with you is what happened to Veelox and what it’s like today. That will come soon.

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