Nov 25, 2015

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A Guide Into The Afterlife: Baron Samedi’s Story

Depiction of Baron Samedi, a bisexual lwa.

Practitioners of Haitian Vodou and Louisiana Voodoo believe in a Supreme Creator called Bondye who is unreachable to humans. Bondye doesn’t interfere with human affairs, so Vodouists direct their worship to the Loa, spirits who are subservient to Bondye. Each Loa has a dynamic, individual personality and is responsible for a different aspect of life. Vodouists often develop personal relationships with the individual Loa in their daily lives by creating altars, presenting offerings, or through elaborate ceremonies. Some Vodou practitioners even claim to be possessed by the spirit of the Loa at times.

One of the most famous Loa of the Vodou tradition is Baron Samedi. Samedi is also sometimes called Papa Guede, as he is head of the Guede family of Loa who are often associated with ancestor worship, magic, and death. Samedi is also known as Baron Cimetière, Baron La Croix, and Baron Kriminel. These are various other manifestations that represent pieces of his personality.

Baron Samedi is often pictured as a skeleton wearing a top hat, dark sunglasses, and black tail coat. Sometimes he is also depicted with cotton in his nostrils, much like a body prepared for burial in the Haitian tradition. Samedi is the Loa of the dead and he is said to usher the deceased into the afterlife. He is believed to dig up the graves of the dead and greet their souls before leading them into the underworld.

Baron Samedi is also known as the Loa of sexuality. Though he is thought to suave and charming at times, he is also said to display outrageous behavior at others. He is known for disruption and debauchery, and can often be found drinking rum and smoking cigarettes (sometimes two at a time). He swears often, tells distasteful jokes, and chases after mortal women, even though he is notably married to another powerful Loa, Maman Brigitte.

Samedi is additionally known as a giver of life. He is believed to possess the power to cure any disease or ailment if he so chooses. He has especially strong power when it comes to black magic or Vodou curses, and when an individual has been hexed they will not die if Samedi does not allow it. It is also Samedi who protects the dead from the likes of Bokors who would bring them back as zombies. Offerings of cigars, rum, coffee, and bread are often left for Baron Samedi at the cemetery by Vodouists.

If you are thinking that Samedi might be good company to have on a Saturday night, you are right. In fact, the word Samedi means “Saturday” in French, and he was given this name because of his partying nature and is said to be good company. He is neither good nor evil, and is rather amused by humans in general. This explains his joking personality. So, if you are looking for a drinking buddy, Samedi is the Loa to call upon. He is also the Loa to call if you are attempting any form of black magic, because he presides over that as well.

Overall, Baron Samedi is a powerful master of the dead, a hope for the ailing, and psychopomp to the souls that are passing between worlds. Vodouist believe that we will all someday meet this great Loa on our trip to the afterlife. If that is the case, then be prepared for his charming ways, his obnoxious behavior, and perhaps a filthy joke or two.


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