Nov 23, 2015

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11/23/2015 Daily Divination

To celebrate the start of Owl Month, today’s divination focuses on matters of learning and knowledge.

English: Divination

English: Divination (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

  1. Think of a question or an issue you have with learning or knowledge. Write this down for later review.
  2. To clear you mind, think of the first thing you drank today. What color was it?
  3. Think of a number from 1 – 4.
  4. Post you comments below and visit for your results.

Knowledge can be very troublesome at times – you may be going through trouble to try and reverse the situation.

  1. Yes. The ruler of this answer is The Magician. his card signifies the divine motive in man, reflecting God, the will in the liberation of its union with that which is above. It is also the unity of individual being on all planes, and in a very high sense it is thought, in the fixation thereof.
  2. No. The ruler of this answer is The World. As this final message of the Major Trumps is unchanged–and indeed unchangeable–in respect of its design, it has been partly described already regarding its deeper sense. It represents also the perfection and end of the Cosmos, the secret which is within it, the rapture of the universe when it understands itself in God.
  3. Maybe The rule of this answer is The Devil. In the Divine world it signifies predestination, but there is no correspondence in that world with the things which below are of the brute. What it does signify is the Dweller on the Threshold without the Mystical Garden when those are driven forth therefrom who have eaten the forbidden fruit.
  4. Uncertain. The ruler of this answer is the Reversed Three of Wands. The end of troubles, suspension or cessation of adversity, toil and disappointment.

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