Nov 16, 2015

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Candle Magic – Part II


Candle (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Make sure that the candle you use for your spell has not been used previously. An exception is if you’re using the same candle each day for something like a seven-day money spell. The reason for this rule is that any energies or vibrations picked up by used candles might interfere with your current spell.

You might decide that you want to carve your candle with a symbol of your intent. The symbol might be a rune, Ogham, letters from another magical alphabet, or whatever else has meaning for you. For the actual carving, a pushpin will work well, or even one of those miniature screwdrivers. Concentrate on your goal as you carve.

Next, you will need to further charge or imbue the candle with your intent. One very old, and pleasantly tactile, method is to “dress” the candle. This is done with any kind of natural oil that will not smell strange when the candle is burned. There are all kinds of marvelous essential oils out there, but a good, plain olive oil will do nicely, especially if you’re scent sensitive. If you’re using a jar candle, rub a drop or two into the top of the candle itself, while concentrating on your goal. If you’re using any other type of candle, apply as much of the oil as needed, beginning at the top and working to the middle; then repeat the process from the bottom of the candle to the middle – all while focusing your intent.

In a previous post, I outlined a candle spell for banishing. The same basic preparation applies here. Few things ruin the flow of a ritual more than discovering that you have nowhere to drop a flaming sheet of paper!

Let’s say that, like many of us, you need more money in your life. Here are the steps:

Purchase a green candle.

Decide how much money you need. Get nitty-gritty and specific.

Write down the amount on a piece of paper, in definitive language. “I hereby claim $20,000 from the bountiful Universe,” is a good example.

Fold the paper several times, until it is a manageable size.

If you wish, carve into the candle whatever symbol is most meaningful to you, while focusing on your intent.

Anoint the candle with whatever oil you have chosen, while focusing on your goal.

Raise your energy. Merely thinking about your need might be sufficient to work up a good head of steam in this case!

Light the candle, then light the paper with it, making sure it burns completely. While you do this, visualize yourself with the money somehow – all your bills stamped “Paid”, or your child with her school supplies, for example.

When the ritual feels complete, extinguish the candle, and watch what unfolds in your life!

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