Nov 15, 2015

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Candle Magic – Part I

Candles spell out the traditional English birt...

Candles spell out the traditional English birthday greeting (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

If you have ever closed your eyes and made a wish before blowing out a birthday candle, then you have already performed candle magic. The wonderful thing about candle magic is that it doesn’t cost much, which is important to many of us in this day and age. Candles are also easily obtainable, which is definitely a boon to a budding practitioner who might be waiting for the athamé to arrive in the mail, or whose wand can’t be consecrated until the full moon or something. The only major advance preparation involves awareness of what phase the moon will be in when you perform the magic. If the moon is waning, that is the time for reducing or repelling, but if the moon is waxing, then increasing or attracting is appropriate. Not to worry, if you really, really need money, you can do your candle spell at any time; however, during the waning moon word it as something like an abolishment of personal poverty.

It does not matter what size or shape of candles you choose. If you ever wish to burn a candle out completely during the course of a spell, then I would advise a votive for that purpose, in the interests of time and safety – unless, of course, you are able to keep an eye on the candle for many hours, or are willing to take the risk of placing a burning candle in the bathtub to burn out while you sleep. I have read several books that advocate the complete burning of candles in candle magic. I have also read several books that do not care one way or the other. My personal experience is that burning the candle completely is not necessary, provided you end your ritual in a manner that is right – and safe – for you and your circumstances.

What does matter is the color of your candle. Different colors have different vibrations, and different effects on the mind of the spell caster. Here are the most common correspondences:

White – Spirituality, peace, substitute for any other color

Red – Health, energy, strength, courage, passion

Pink – Love, affection, romance

Yellow – Intellect, imagination, memory, creative mental energy

Green – Fertility, abundance, good luck, harmony, prosperity

Blue – Inspiration, occult wisdom, protection, devotion

Purple – higher psychic ability, spiritual power, idealism

Silver – Moon ritual, clairvoyance, inspiration, astral energies, intuition, Goddess work

Gold – Sun ritual, success, fortune, good luck, God work

Orange – Ambition, career matters, law

Black – Banishing, hexing, cleansing, scrying

Color can be very personal, so if you associate yellow with protection instead of blue, then use yellow. In the end, you are the magic

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