Nov 13, 2015

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11/13/2015 Daily Divination

Today is Friday the 13th. In honor of the good luck blessings this day bestows from the power of Sagittarius.

Sagittarius constellation map

Sagittarius constellation map (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

  1. Think of a question you are seeking an answer for. Write the question down for later review.
  2. Think of the last time you saw a fire – candle, bonfire, gas stove cooking, incense, etc… to clear your mind.
  3. Think of a number between 1 and 13.
  4. Post your number in the comments below on Facebook.
  5. Go to Spell-hub and scroll down to find your answer

There is a heightened interest in travel and foreign countries, and any activities and recreations taking place in the open air. You may, however, be over-confident and may not have a good grasp of practicalities. It is a suitable time for large-scale plans but not for any occupations which require attention to detail.

  1. Being hungry for something, having a desire or need. Things go well by persevering. It is good to examine what one spontaneously seeks to satisfy the desire. What is the actual desire? Does what you try to satisfy your desire with, actually satisfy your desire?
  2. This situation helps progress. It is useful to get the help of someone who is knowledgable and experienced. There is no need to worry, things will go well.
  3. The dissolving of a situation that has been fought to keep, is completed, and over. The one in control stays in the same position. There is no mistake.
  4. Things move easily and supplely. Gains clearly outweigh the losses. Things go well and there is progress.
  5. Waiting for something. Be patient while what you are waiting for is still likely to happen. This is not stagnation, so hold on. It may be good to do something to get to a solution.
  6. Removing deceptive obstacles. This will pay off to clear the way. Going on will make things go well.
  7. The situation is in a good condition, the results of the transformational work are ready to be moved to where they are needed. It’s good to go on this way.
  8. It is not easy to go forth, one needs to drag to get through. One may get harmed somewhat in the process, not because one is doing something wrong, but because the situation is that difficult.
  9. Penetrating into a situation. Progress goes slowly. It’s good to have a plan. It is good to get some help or advice.
  10. There is a new potential, for you to develop. At first you’ll not know your way, but you’ll gain a handle on the situation and eventually master it. Just calmly proceed. It is beneficial to make partners and allies, and not to move on with people who have different interests.
  11. There is trouble. It is beneficial to have partners and allies, and avoid people who have different interests. Some advice or help might get one through. Things will go well if one perseveres.
  12. Using force. Persistence helps this to be effective.
  13. Together with people in a neutral place (not a passionate connection with someone). There is progress. This is a good time for big undertakings. It benefits one’s objectives.

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