Nov 12, 2015

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I Got A Rock!

Quartz crystals are often used in crystal healing.

Quartz crystals are often used in crystal healing. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

If Charlie Brown had known that it was possible to work magic with stones, maybe he wouldn’t have been so disappointed when he got a bag of rocks on Halloween. Stone magic might just be the very oldest form of magic. Stones were most likely first used as amulets, objects worn or carried for luck, protection, or to ward off the “evil eye”. There are many familiar ancient and modern tales of stones with magical powers, or terrible curses.

It is possible to spend a great deal of money acquiring stones, but it is certainly not necessary. Depending on where you live, you might be able to find all you need in the surrounding landscape – provided you are able to identify what you’ve found, or wish to use the stones solely in terms of color magic. Most of us need to purchase them, though, but there are quite a few options. While occult stores have all kinds of crystals, you can also find them in museum shops, some of the cooler toy stores, and rock & gem shows.

Here is a small sampling of stones, and how they can be used in magic:

Garnet – Healing, Protection, Strength

Carnelian – Protection, Peace, Eloquence, Healing, Courage

Topaz – Healing, Weight Loss, Money, Love

Jade – Love, Healing, Longevity, Wisdom, Protection, Gardening, Prosperity, Money

Sodalite – Healing, Peace, Meditation, Wisdom

Lapis Lazuli – Healing, Joy, Love, Fidelity, Psychic ability, Protection, Courage

Amethyst – Dreams, Overcoming addictions, Healing, Psychic ability, Peace, Love, Protection, Courage, Happiness

Rose quartz – Love

Quartz (clear) – Protection, Healing, Psychic ability, Power, Lactation

Clear quartz can also be used in place of any other stone, provided you charge it as such.

Whatever stones you obtain, you’ll need to cleanse them of any negative energy first. Some people place their stones outside during a full moon, while others leave them in the sun for a day or two. Still others bury them in the earth for a few days. Another way is to leave the stones in a bowl of rice overnight; the rice will absorb the negative energy, so please dispose of it afterwards. Quartz can be soaked in cooled sage tea for a day. Depending on how you use your stones, you may need to cleanse them again periodically. Let your intuition be your guide; if a stone ever feels “off”, cleanse it.

Stone magic is all about charging and intent. For example, let’s say you want to wear a garnet ring for protection. While the stone is naturally protective, it will be more effective if you “charge” it with that energy. Hold the stone in your dominant hand, and visualize your need. Focus your energy and intent into the stone until it vibrates in response. The charging is now complete, and your ring is ready!

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