Nov 12, 2015

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11/12/2015 Daily Divination

  1. Think of a yes or no question you have.

    English: A divination slip given in a temple w...

    English: A divination slip given in a temple when a visitor performs a qiantong divination. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

  2. Think of a number from 1 – 3.
  3. Post your number in the comments below.
  4. Scroll down for the answer.

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Number 3 – Yi Ching energies of the Hexagrams 10 going into 61. Going into a scary situation. Eventually things will go well.

Number 2 – Yi Ching energies of the Hexagrams 48 going into 57. Someone (or something) who is used to providing now needs to take in. Like a teacher who now needs to listen and learn, someone who usually nurtures who now needs to be nurtured, or a giver who needs to receive. There may be a tendency to resist this, but it shouldn’t be resisted. Trusting that things will be all right if one lets this, will allow for replenishment of the source.

Number 1 – Yi Ching energies of the Hexagrams 52 going into 9. Going along with one’s original intention would get one into an unpleasant situation. One doesn’t accept this, and holds back. This holding back gives a muscular tension in the calves and Achilles tendons.

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