Nov 12, 2015

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11/12/2015 Daily Blessing

Today is the end of the Runic Half Month Hagal. In honor of this, we are offering a runic blessing to bring you tranquility and calmness in the storms (Wunjo).

runic letter wunjo

runic letter wunjo (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

“Eternal Spirit of Light, grant us protection;
And in that protection, security;
And in that security, knowledge;
And in that knowledge, awareness;
And in that awareness, the awareness of the rightness of things;
And in that awareness, the love of it;
And through that love, to come to the love of all Creation;
And in the love of all Creation, the love of the Divine Spirit
And all Goodness, Beauty and Truth.” – The Druid’s Prayer

To receive this blessing, recite the prayer above and spend some time meditating on Wunjo.

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