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11/11/2015 Daily Blessing


Position in which a Jewish kohen places his hands and fingers during the Priestly Blessing. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Today’s daily blessing is a blessing of change and vision.

Because today is the 11/11 new moon of Samhain, it is a great day to start new things. To cast off the old and bring on the new. The blessing today is designed for you to elicit positive change in your life and the vision to see what paths you should take that are now opening up to you.

To receive the blessing today you need to do 4 things.

  1. Write down what you would like changed in your life and post in the comments section either on or on our Facebook page.
  2. Like and share this post
  3. Repeat the mantra : “I am a positive change in my life. I will receive positive changes in my life starting now.” Repeat it as many times as you feel necessary
  4. Most important – call, email, or text someone you haven’t in the past few months and start up a new conversation with them.

Going forward, you should look for signs about the things you wanted to change (wrote down), and see how things are changing.

Not all things will seem positive at first, but know that in the long run, the changes happening today will lead you to a more positive existence.

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