Nov 6, 2015

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Magick as Aspects of the Self

The Baphomet, adopted symbol of some Left-Hand...

The Baphomet, (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

White Magick. Dark Magick. Grey Magick. Black Magick.

Under most traditional paths and schools of study, these are all treated differently. For example, someone who focuses on what is commonly known as White Magick might be considered someone walking the “Right Hand Path“, while someone who focuses on Dark or Black Magick might be considered on the “Left Hand Path.” The net result of either of these schools of Magick is the same, you are eliciting a response from the universe for your own personal (selfish) interests.

Take, for instance, the RHP light worker who sets out to heal someone. Why are they trying to heal them? Do they dislike suffering? Do they enjoy the feeling they get when they heal others? Are they trying to spread love and light? Whatever their reasons, however altruistic they seem, they are, at the root of it, personal and therefore selfish in nature.

Taking a step back from the occult for a moment, let’s say you are sick. You go out, seek medical treatment, and you get healed. You essentially said, I do not trust in the outcome that the universe has in store for this phase in my existence, and therefore I am changing this phase through my own actions. Now replace medical treatment, with White Magick healer, you end up with the same philosophical distinction.

Using Magick, just like using all the other tools the universe has bestowed upon us, ends up changing the form, shape, and state of the universe – neither for the better nor for the worse, but rather simply different.

How then, does one define White vs Black Magick? White magick can kill just as much as black magick can heal. What about spirits that each school works with – white magick works with light and angels while black magick works with chaos and demons. But angels can fall and demons can be redeemed. One of the primary demarcations is that white magi focus on raising their vibrational frequency and pull themselves up to higher states, while black magi focus more on the material plane and increasing their worldly power. However, as Hermes tells us – as above so below – which also implies the converse, as below so above.

This brings us to an interesting discussion about the philosophy of self, and how different personality types drift towards one school over the other. All magick springs from the self, and thus the magick you are using becomes truly an extension or an aspect of your self.  Weather you are pulling up from below (Black) or pulling down from above (White), your magickal energies and what you perceive them to be become your reality.

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